A historic view

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Using a magnifying glass to see the past

Somewhere in 2020 I was being mentored about how to make and select photos in such a way that combined it is obvious to everyone that they belong together. We had to think about how to make a series of photos, what the connection would be between those photos and also how that would be visualized.

I thought quite a bit about that and also looked on the internet for inspiration. At one point I found a picture of the Eiffel tower. In that picture there was also a picture from a long time ago, also of the Eiffel tower, as can be seen on the right.
That picture got me thinking about using existing old pictures from the city I was born in and try to remake that picture, by determining the position from where that picture was taken. Once I had the picture, I planned to find a way to merge that old picture with the new picture.

Taking the new picture in the correct way was already quite complicated. Quite often the old picture was great, but the new situation was so radically changed that taking a picture from the same position was not possible anymore. Even if it was possible, there was still the unknown factor of the type of lens that was used all those years ago. I solved that by taking a whole lot of pictures with different lenses and also, if I found out that I could not merge the old image properly, going back and take even more pictures.

For merging the old picture with the new, I settled quite early already on using a magnifying glass. Everything inside the magnifying glass would be the old picture and outside of the magnifying glass, would be the new picture. An additional bonus to using the magnifying glass was that it allowed for some tolerance in merging the two pictures, because the edge of the magnifying glass covered some small errors.

These are the images that made it into the final round.

Perhaps all these pictures mean more to me than they do you, because I have a connection with the city. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them for what they are.


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