Terms of Service

Posted on July 25, 2023 (Last modified on August 15, 2023) • 2 min read • 341 words
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Here are the terms of service for this site

Terms of Service
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We appreciate your opinion when you add your comment, but since your opinion isn’t the only opinion, there are rules in place. These rules are based on the law we operate under and our ideas on what we want to allow or disallow.

The basis of these rules is that we want to have a discussion that allows everyone to participate and in which people are not excluded. Your contribution to a discussion should be meaningful and on-topic.

Applicable laws

Myrthos operates under Dutch and European law. One of these European laws is about privacy and personal information (GDPR). In what way we deal with that you can find in our Privacy Policy.


In general a contribution to the comments should be relevant for the topic on that page. If it is not, the comment will be removed.

Not allowed comments

Under the law Myrthos operates under (and also because it is a good idea) it is strictly forbidden to discriminate and insult people or groups because of their race, religion, sexuality or gender, as is incitement to hatred, discrimination, defamation, threatening people, sowing discord and posting pornographic material.

Copyrighted material

Myrthos is very alert on placing copyrighted material on the site and making sure to give proper attribution. We expect nothing less of those who add comments on this site.

Personal information

You are forbidden to share personal information of others, without the person involved giving his/her/them approval. Personal information is considered to be any information that the person has not made public themselves.


The person expressing themselves on Myrthos is responsible for that expression. However Myrthos takes its responsibility to take action when it is not within the limits of what is described on this page.

Moderation actions

Comments will be removed when they do not comply to the terms of service as expressed on this page. Myrthos is not obliged to motivate the reasons for moderation to anyone other than the person being moderated.


These Terms of Service can be changed at any time.

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