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Description on how to use the mgallery shortcode

mgallery shortcode

The source code of the mgallery shortcode is to be found in layouts/shortcodes/mgallery.html.
The purpose of this shortcode is to load a defined set of images, create thumbnails of those images and place them in a gallery.


The mgallery shortcode supports the below parameters.

listOptional blob used to determine where to fetch the list of images from, like "img/*", with img being the name of a folder relative to the current page bundle file or relative to a headless folder for all non page bundle files. If not specified the blob is "*". See also the Image Source section below for more info.
typeOptional parameter to change the way the gallery is displayed. The following options exist:
"grid"         Default. Show the images on a row-column-grid.
"masonry" Show in a masonry style where the images are in columns of the same size, but there are no rows.
Note that the actual masonry functionality only shows when “thumb” is “regular”. In the other “thumb” options, it will look like a grid.
thumbOptional setting for resizing the image into a thumbnail image. The image resizing is performed by both resizing and cropping the image, without stretching or compressing the image. The resulting thumbnail image can never be larger than the actual width and height of the image. The following options are valid:
"regular" Default setting for “type” is “masonry”. Creates thumbnails with the same aspect ratio as the image
"1x1"        Default setting for “type” is “grid”. Creates square thumbnails
"3x2"        Creates thumbnails with a wxh ratio of 3x2
"4x3"        Creates thumbnails with a wxh ratio of 4x3
"16x9"      Creates thumbnails with a wxh ratio of 16x9
"21x9"      Creates thumbnails with a wxh ratio of 21x9
colsOptional parameter that will set the number of columns in which the images will be organized. The values 2..5 are supported.
radiusOptional radius of the corners of the images, creating rounded corners. This can be either “true” (default) or “false” for no radius. The actual radius of the corner, depends on the number of columns used. More columns, will result in a smaller radius.
uniqueOptional parameter that defaults to “true”. Will make sure that all images in the gallery created by this shortcode will create a unique group of images. Navigation is then limited to that unique group of images. If set to “false”, all images that are shown with multiple shortcode calls in the same page, will belong to the same group.
zoomOptional zooming effect when hovering over the image. This can be either “true” (default) or “false” for no zoom effect.
gapOptional space between the images. The following options are supported:
"0"    No gap. The images will touch each other.
"xs"   very small gap
"s"     Small gap
"m"   Medium gap (default)
"l"     Large gap
"xl"   Extra large gap
"xxl" Very large gap
classOptional parameter to specify an additional class to be used for the image.
overlayOptional name of an overlay image located in the assets folder that is added to all the images in the gallery (not the thumbnails). This can e.g. be used as a watermark. If empty, no overlay is shown.
ovlposOptional position of the overlay image, which can be: “left-top”, “right-top”, “left-bottom”, “right-bottom” (default), “center”.
ovlxOptional offset in pixels for the x direction of the overlay image in pixels. Will shift the image away from the corner. Not used for ‘center’. Defaults to 0.
ovlyOptional offset in pixels for the y direction of the overlay image in pixels. Will shift the image away from the corner. Not used for ‘center’. Defaults to 0.
ovlpercOptional percentage for the size of the logo related to the size of the image. By default the logo is not resized.
hinodeOptional setting that should be set to “false” when the shortcode is being used in a non-Hinode theme.
windowOptional width of the window in which the gallery is to be displayed. It defaults to 1400, which is the limit of the width of the gallery. The value is also used to resize the thumbnails of the images, which are equal to the specified window width divided by the number of columns used. Setting it to a value lower than 100 only influences the width of the thumbnails. Setting it to a value larger than 1400 will make the gallery use that available space, but only when the hinode parameter is “false”.

The below section provides more information about the list parameter.

Image source

In order to load the the set of images as specified in list the following will happen:

  • When the page from where the mgallery shortcode is called, is a page bundle file ( or a scan is performed in all page bundle resources for all image files matching the specified blob.
  • When the page from where the mgallery shortcode is called is not a page bundle file, a scan is performed in the headless folder for all files matching the blob. The headless folder should be located in the same directory as the page. In that folder there should be an file with the frontmatter headless: true.

The resulting list of images, will only contain images that are supported by Hugo, which are images of the following types:

  • image/bmp (bmp)
  • image/gif (gif)
  • image/jpeg (jpg jpeg jpe jif jfif)
  • image/png (png)
  • image/svg+xml (svg)
  • image/tiff (tif tiff)
  • image/webp (webp)
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