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Posted on July 4, 2023 (Last modified on August 21, 2023) • 3 min read • 564 words
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A demonstration of some usages of the mimage shortcode

Example 1

Making an image float to the left or the right, only works when the image is smaller than the available page width. This is true for the image used in the below example. For this specific image there is also a text file with the same name as the image and which has the following contents:

This is a description in a text file and we make sure it is long enough by adding a whole bunch of extra text|someone somewhere

The part before the ‘|’ character is the caption and the part following that character is the credits.

By calling the following shortcode the image is floated to the right, with the caption and credits automatically located and the found caption and text are centered with respect to the image. Besides that the text is also made to appear in an italic font.
Some text has been added and make sure it is long enough to show that the text wraps around the image.

{{< mimage src="img/JM_LSP_01b.jpg" outer="image-float-right" inner="image-radius-3" text="caption-center text-italic" autoCaption="true" >}}

some Image
This is a description in a text file and we make sure it is long enough by adding a whole bunch of extra text  (  someone somewhere)
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Example 2

The next example shows an image that is centered (actually it is larger than the available space, so it will always look centered) and it will derive the credits from the Exif information and show it right aligned to the image. The image also uses larger rounded corners.

{{< mimage src="img/JM_LSP_03.jpg" outer="image-center" inner="image-radius-1" text="caption-right text-italic" autoCaption="true" >}}  
 Joost Mans

Example 3

This third example shows an image that is somewhat smaller than the available window space and is centered. A caption is provided, so even though the autoCaption parameter is “true”, a caption in a text file or the Exif file will not used. The credits in either of them will be used however because that parameter is not specified.

{{< mimage src="img/JM_LSP_12.jpg" outer="image-center" inner="image-radius-3" text="caption-left text-italic" caption="Here is some caption text" autoCaption="true" >}}
Here is some caption text
Here is some caption text  (  Joost Mans)
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