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Posted on August 24, 2023 • 1 min read • 111 words
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Description on how to use the mtag shortcode

mtag shortcode

The source code of the mtag shortcode is located in layouts/shortcodes/mtag.html.
The purpose of this shortcode is to allow for limited set of HTML functionality to be used.


The mtag shortcode supports the below parameters.

tagThe HTML tag to insert. The following tags are supported
"br"      Add a line break
"nobr" Keep text together to prevent it to be split over two lines

The below sections provide more information about the different tags.


The br tag can be used as follows:

{{< mtag "br" />}}


The nobr tag can be used as follows:

{{< mtag "nobr" >}}text that should stay together{{< /mtag >}}
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