mimage shortcode overview

Posted on July 4, 2023 (Last modified on August 21, 2023) • 2 min read • 255 words
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overview of the mimage functionality

The mimage shortcode is a copy of the Hinode image shortcode. The latter shortcode uses two partials, located in assets/image.md and utilities/GetImage.md. These two partials have been copied to respectively assets/mimage.md and utilities/mGetImage.md. All changes to the shortcode and partials are made in the copied version.

the mimage shortcode is a front for the assets/mimage.md partial, which takes care of most of the work in showing the image. The utilities/mGetImage partial is called by the assets/mimage partial, to load the image. In addition there are also some additional classes made available in assets/scss/_mimage.scss. The newly created shortcode and partials are backwards compatible with the original shortcode and partials.

The following are the changes that are made to the mimage shortcode and underlying partials:

  • Added the parameter “outer” for the outer class to wrap both the image and the caption in.
  • Added the parameter “inner” for the image class to be used instead of the current shortcode’s “class” parameter (although it still exists).
  • Added the parameter “text for the caption class.
  • Added the parameter “credits” to specify the credits for the image.
  • Added the parameter “caption” to specify the caption text of the image.
  • Added the parameter “autoCaption” to derive the caption and credits from a txt file or the EXIF of the image, when “caption” is not specified.
  • Added the possibility to load an image relative to the current page.

Check the usage page for the details on how to use this new functionality, and the installation page on how to install the mimage functionality.


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